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    Potential Member FAQ

    ISF Admin
    ISF Admin
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center + Personnel Department
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center + Personnel Department

    Potential Member FAQ Empty Potential Member FAQ

    Post by ISF Admin Wed 10 Nov 2010, 11:27 am


    How do I applying to join ISF?

    1. Discover: Read the >ISF RECRUITMENT ADVERT< and the >ISF CORP CHARTER< as these will give you a very good idea of what ISF is about (what we do, what we offer and what we value). We are not your average EVE corporation. Please carefully consider whether your goals and ideal are compatible with what ISF is and what we offer (ideally, we'd like ISF to be the last Eve corp you join).

    2. Register on ISF Forums & Complete our Application Process (compulsory): Please register as a user on these forums using your exact ingame main character's name. Then please start a new post on these forums and follow the steps listed here > HERE < . Forum registration is a pre-requisite for ISF Membership. Please register using your exact ingame main character's name.

    3. Member Stats Enrolment (compulsory): Please enrol on our Auth Member Stats tool as without, your application will not be processed.

    This information can NOT be used to access your account.

    4. Chat, Discuss, Answer & Ask Questions: When you're online in EVE, join ingame chat channel InterSun and speak to any ISF Officer, Senior Officer, Councillor or Director there to answer a few questions about yourself and ask any questions you may have. Not all our Members use this channel and you may need to wait for an ISF Member to jump into the channel. The questions you will be asked by us may vary according to who you meet there. However, please answer our questions as best you can (since we won't accept people who insist on keeping secrets from outset - we need to start with a position on honesty, openness and patience). Equally, you should feel free to ask any questions you might have but we will not discuss the names of key corp solar systems or FCs nor discuss our capital ship capabilities (this information is shared with Members and our Alliance).

    5. Apply Ingame: Once you have been given the go ahead (on these forums), please only then apply ingame to join the corp. In your application you need only say who it was who gave you the go ahead to apply ingame (this will be confirmed). We don't have time to read long flowery ingame applications (although they are often amusing). Wink

    Am I eligible to join ISF?

    1. RL Age: While we have no official RL age limit, the vast majority of our members are in their mid to late 30s to their 70s (we have very few Members in their 20s, so "younger" people are in the minority and they need to be accepting of an "older crowd").

    2. Ingame Age: We ask that people have at least 5M skill points ("SP") and have been playing Eve for at least 1 month before they apply to join ISF - please see the following post for more detailed information and advice:  http:ISF Joining Requirements

    3. Attitude of the RL Person: Its mainly about the fit of the RL person behind the account. Characters can be bought and sold very easily these days. We therefore don't care all that much about your current character. We are much more interested in cheking YOU out. This means, please tell us about ALL your past and present characters and character-trades so we can get a feel for what YOU have tried and like doing ingame.

    4. No Alts: Sorry we don't accept unskilled alts (eg for market price checks) nor people who have one or more alts in other player corps.

    5. No Characters in Non NPC corps: If you join ISF we want your undivided Eve attention. RL comes first in ISF and since we share our Members with RL, we can't afford to also share them with other player corps (sorry).

    6. Interaction: In ISF, we greatly value member interaction and ISF is not a place to park alts or join if you only want to fly solo. We are absolutely fine with members being away for several weeks but we ask that if you know you will be away for some period that you let us know with a short forum post. We are absolutely fine with members needing to suddenly log off due to RL demands (eg your child, wife, job, pet, pet rock, whatever, suddenly needs your attention) even during defense ops. In ISF, RL always comes first but we enjoy and value the group dynamic.  Please be prepared to join defense ops if you're online.  New Eden is a harsh place, and if a corp is not prepared to defend what it uses then someone else will take it away.  It's therefore essential that we all work together as a team when needed.

    7. English Speaking: English does NOT need to be your first language. We are VERY forgiving of accents on voicecomms and spelling on forums and in chat channels. However all our communications are in English (sorry but English is the most widely spoken language and we can't require Members to learn new languages).

    8. Any Timezone: ISF is an international corp and we have Members from all around the Globe. We divide ISF into 3 major timezones of N.AmericaAus/NZ/Asia and EU/UK. We are "equal opportunity" and have no bias and make no decisions based on religion, country, race, gender or other RL factors (we even accept lawyers).

    9. Other RL Challenges: We are understanding of RL challenges and "disabilities" that people may face and we try to work around them and find solutions so that we maximise who can be be involved in all corp activities (whether PvP, PvE, Indy, etc) in all zones of operation (whether Empire, 0.0 or WHs). Please just work with us and understand that we may not immediately understand what challenges you face. Please just privately explain your issue, in an upfront and frank way (without agro or embarrassment) and ISF will do our very best to adjust things so you can be involved (and we will even try to find solutions that do not make you feel singled out).

    What's expected of me if I join ISF?

    First of all, you should read our "New Member Guide" (not accessible until you become a member).

    All new ISF Members start out with the rank of "Pilot" (which provides limited access to corp assets). Pilots can then advance to "Officer" and then "Senior Officer" (with greater access to corp assets and facilities). How quickly a new Pilot moves to Officer is within the control of that Pilot but will take a minimum of 4 weeks in the corp.

    The criteria to be considered for promotion from Pilot to Officer are below.

    1. (30 Days Active In Corp): At least 30 days of ingame activity with the corp. This means logging into Eve while an ISF Member over at least 30 separate days. Joining and then disappearing for 30 days will not earn promotion.
    Players who are inactive for 60 days or more will be removed from corp without notification unless a reason is provided prior.

    2. (Discord and Forum Use): A consistent record of logging into the ISF forums and being active on Discord to check on news and events at least once a week. We expect Officers to know what is going on in the corp and if you don't read these forums regularly you will very quickly lose touch (due to ISF having Members from all Timezones and also standing across Empire, 0.0 and WHs, these forums are by necessity our main method of co-ordination and our best means of communication between Members).

    3. (Become Known): Make yourself known to your fellow corp mates, especially the Senior Officers, Councillors and Directors. This is easily done through various means - e.g. (i) chat to people using ingame text channels and/or corp/alliance, discord voicecomms, (ii) post on the ISF Forums, (iii) join corp group ops in your chosen area(s) of activity. Even if you're not participating in an active group op, still say hello ingame to your corpies and give the corp an opportunity to get to know you (otherwise when the next round of promotions are considered, the folks who press the buttons might say "I have no idea about this person").
    Players must be seen to be participating in alliance level fleets (QRF, Gamma, Beta, etc)

    4. (Contribute): Be seen trying to make some positive non-financial contributions to the corp at large. This can be as simple as joining corp group ops, posting on the ISF forums, joining ingame chatter, asking questions, answering questions, helping and encouraging your corp mates (in short, just join in). Folks who *only* play solo and/or who make zero contribution to our activities/culture and/or who only ask for things and give nothing back (i.e. "gimmies" and "tax haven lurkers") risk missing out on promotion.  We strongly recommend that everyone reads this post in particular:
    Players must maintain a minimum 50 Pvp Kills a year ←- (Including Fleet Kills Summed across all characters)
    Players must maintain an active PVP Jumpclone and some ships to Alliance deployments 
    Main characters must be in main alliance staging or have an active Jump clone there. 
    Players must have or be training a Ghost to maintain in Ghost staging.

    5. (Respect The Corp Culture): In ISF we value our corp culture. Do not smacktalk, trashtalk or epeen (we have a post that describes in detail what this is). In brief, respect and be considerate of your fellow corp mates. Above all, just be polite and a decent human being.

    In practice, the procedure is as follows:
    * the ISF Personnel Department will generate a "Potential Officer Promotion List" every 1 to 2 months (subject to RL pressures) that lists everyone who is a Pilot and has been with the corp for at least 4 weeks;
    * we then look at each name and remove anyone who has not yet satisfied criteria 1 and 2 (above);
    * the reduced list is then posted in a restricted access forum section for the Senior Officers, Councillors and Directors to provide comments - they consider criteria 3, 4 and 5 (above) for each person listed - the promotion is usually made provided that no Senior Officer, Councillor or Director objects with cause (i.e. it is not sufficient to just say "he/she rubs me the wrong way" or "I have doubts I cannot put my finger on").

    Please bear in mind that ranks above Pilot are rewards (not a right) given to those who earn trust and respect by making positive contributions (even if small) to the corp, its culture and its members.

    We do not have an "up or out" policy and we do not boot people who are comfortable remaining on the Pilot rank (although we may ask those folks whether anything is wrong).

    Who are the ISF Recruiters?

    *Any* ISF Officer or higher rank (i.e. not "Pilots") can provide you with your recruitment chat. Please take note of the name of the ISF Member you speak to in the InterSun recruitment chat channel. The ISF Officer will then forward the chat log to the ISF Personnel Department, who are the people named in the following post: ISF Personnel Department

    What happens if I become an inactive player due to RL?

    In ISF we believe in "Real Life First" and we are understanding of "Eve Breaks" due to real life.  We are understanding but we cannot have a corp of hundreds of inactive players.  Therefore, ISF still needs to prune inactive players now and then, so we don't have hundreds of members and only a dozen active players (as a silly extreme example).

    Therefore, if any member has not logged ingame or on these forums for a period of 1 month, we then retire that person from the corp (with an invitation to come back to the corp when active again). However, a leave of absence of up to a maximum of 3 months inactive can be arranged on providing prior notice to the corp (e.g. for a temporary RL work assignment, parental leave for a new baby, study/exams, etc, etc, whatever). Remaining in the corp during extended leave relies on ISF leadership knowing that you will return.

    To put it another way, we assume that someone has left Eve and therefore retire them from the corp if they have not logged into these forums or ingame for either:
    1. 30  days, with no notice given that they would be away and will come back; or
    2. 90  days, irrespective of any notice given.

    While ISF is a RL First corp, even we need to have some limits so we remain an active and living corp (so many corps out there are really just zombie corps and ISF does not want to be like that). Smile

    Retirement from ISF for inactivity is NOT a personal matter. If someone is retired for inactivity, it is done politely and accompanied by an invitation to come back to ISF when active again. On reapplying, the ex-Member must repeat the recruitment procedures (including providing CAKs) and they revert to the introductory Pilot rank until promoted again (in this way, there is incentive for folks to stay active in the corp).

    What can I access when I register as a forum user?

    You will initially be guest on these forums and remain limited to the non-member sections of these forums (which are quite limited). The "Members Only" sections of these forums are accessible by ... you guessed it, ISF Members only.

    The ISF Members Only Sections of these forums are SERIOUSLY EXTENSIVE AND ACTIVE and include:
    • A Members Hall & General Corp Announcements
    • Introductory Information for New Members
    • General Advice
    • Corp Raffles
    • Corp Group Ops Scheduling
    • Area Discussions (e.g. 0.0, WHs, Low Sec, Empire)
    • Activity Discussions (e.g. PvP, PvE, Indy, Markets)
    • Ship Fitting
    • Funnies & Non-Eve
    • Eve Videos & Pics
    • Skills, Characters & Personnel Department Info
    • ISF/EVE Related Fiction

    As an active corp, we are constantly adding to and fine tuning our forum facilities.

    NOTE:  We need ALL ISF Members to log into the forums at least once a week. This is necessary in order to stay informed of all the activities and changes that are going on in our corp (we are a living and ever busy corp). More importantly, our forums are fun and a very friendly environment (where trashtalk, smacktalk and epeen are not welcome).

    Further questions?

    Simply ask in our ingame chat channel InterSun, or public Discord channel Intersun or post your questions on these forums.
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center + Personnel Department
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center + Personnel Department

    ISF Rank : Director + PD

    Potential Member FAQ Empty Re: Potential Member FAQ

    Post by aaronkable Wed 16 May 2018, 6:26 am


    Updated to ESI era stuffs, removed cak's
    Changed "player corps" to "non NPC corps" for clarity
    William Triskelia
    William Triskelia
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center

    ISF Rank : CEO

    Potential Member FAQ Empty Re: Potential Member FAQ

    Post by William Triskelia Wed 22 Jan 2020, 6:57 am

    Update Update Update Update Update Update

    Updated with below included:
    Our new corp requirements are as follows: 
    Players must maintain a minimum 50 Pvp Kills a year ←- (Including Fleet Kills Summed across all characters) 
    Players must be seen to be participating in alliance level fleets (QRF, Gamma, Beta, etc) 
    Players who are inactive for 60 days or more will be removed from corp without notification unless a reason is provided prior. 
    Players must maintain an active PVP Jumpclone and some ships to Alliance deployments 
    Main characters must be in main alliance staging or have an active Jump clone there. 
    Players must have or be training a Ghost to maintain in Ghost staging.

    After so many many years our changes to ethos… and we don’t do this lightly will be as follows: We are no longer a pve or Indy corp we are a PVP corp that also does pve and industry There is no free ride or free lunch our old casual relaxed play style now requires participation in alliance ops. *Translation: if you only want to rat or mine it's time to move on with no hard feelings.

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    Potential Member FAQ Empty Re: Potential Member FAQ

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