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    ISF's Culture & What "Freelance" Means

    ISF Admin
    ISF Admin
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center + Personnel Department
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center + Personnel Department

    ISF's Culture & What "Freelance" Means Empty ISF's Culture & What "Freelance" Means

    Post by ISF Admin Wed 07 Nov 2012, 3:26 pm

    ISF's Reason For Being

    ISF was established as a solution for those seeking to belong to a well organised and functioning Eve player corp but who cannot promise to be online at certain times or to remain online without interruptions or needing to go AFK (away from keyboard).

    Our Core Value

    "While ISF understands that RL must come first, we do not encourage solo play. We value group interaction. ISF is not a place for people to park characters and then play solo (and ISF must encourage group efforts and discourage solo play)." - ISF Corp Charter:

    Mandatory Ops?

    ISF has traditionally had no mandatory ops for one reason and only one reason ... we understand that RL must come first and we do not therefore demand that Members log on and remain online at certain times and/or for certain activities.

    In theory, when ISF Members do find the time in RL (real life) to log into Eve, they should for the most part be working together in group ops with one or more of the corp "activity area teams" (e.g. Empire Troopers, Syndicate Crusaders, Wormhole Warriors, Engineers, Logistics).

    Sometimes Time Zones or Real Life will conspire to not allow some folks to join group ops, and/or from time-to-time folks may just need some alone time in Eve.  That's fine provided it is not the everyday norm.  Ordinarily, ISF Members should be logging into Eve and hunting down (or forming up) corp/alliance group ops in the activity area they enjoy most.

    We *DO* have Calls-To-Arms (CTAs) to defend our corp and alliance holdings.  HOWEVER, we will never ask anyone to interrupt their Real Life and log on at a particular time.  Only YOU can know when YOU have the time to play games.  What we ask is that if you are online at the time when a CTA is held, that you try to participate in that CTA as best you can.  We supply some basic ships and we also have a Ship Replacement Program (SRP) to lower the barriers for joining in.  If your skills are a wobbly or rusty, that's okay.  We do not expect anyone to be amazing.  For us, the important thing is just that everyone tries to help each other.  In this corp we pull each other up without any abuse or recriminations.  

    We have CTAs to take action to defend the things we use.  New Eden is a harsh place, and if a corp is not prepared to defend what it uses then someone else will take it away.  For this reason, if our pilots fly in a particular "Activity Area" (e.g. 0.0, Empire, WHs) then we ask those pilots to help with defensive operations in that Activity Area if they are online.


    ISF is not a freelancER corp where members individually fly as "freelancers" who do whatever the heck they want for as long or as little as they want.  "Freelance" in our corp name means that the corp as a group operates in multiple areas and activities (the corp group is the freelancer and not the individuals).  ISF has a policy of "Maximum Variety" and we are not focused solely on any one activity (such as PvP, PvE, Indy).

    Our "Max Variety" policy means that we (as a group) pursue PvE, PvP, Indy and Trade in each of Empire, Low Sec, 0.0 and WHs (and this gives ISF Members an opportunity to explore many different types of group activities together within the corp).

    ISF Needs Each Member's "Main Game"

    ISF has very low tax and does not have endless mandatory ops or minimum game play hours or contributions, etc.  Therefore, when Members do find the time in RL to play Eve we want and, in fact, *need* their full and undivided attention and efforts.  We simply cannot afford to share our Members with other player corps or significant personal out-of-corp projects.

    Other corps that accept out-of-corp activity as the norm are either "chaos rabble corps" or they balance out-of-corp activity with other demands such as mandatory:
    * kill:loss ratios
    * kills per month
    * donated/mined minerals per month
    * hours played per month/week
    * hulls/modules/ISK donated per month/week

    If ISF did not ask Members to make our corp their main game (that is, their principal focus in Eve Online) then nothing would get done and we'd just be another chaos rabble corp ... and we don't want that.

    The philosophy behind ISF is indeed different to most other Eve corps and we make it work well.  Like all solutions to a problem (in this case, a demanding RL) there is usually a price.  In exchange for not requiring anyone to log into Eve at certain times and then undertake particular ingame tasks, we ask that all Members make sure that ISF remains their principal focus in the Eve Online universe.

    Cliques & Small Friend-Groups

    Just like in any organisation (real or virtual), folks will meet and make closer friendships with some people than others.  That's normal and to be expected.  However, we try to foster an inclusive corp culture that does not exclude people or raise certain people above others as "elite" members.

    We therefore ask that any group within the corp (whether PvPing, PvEing, mining, whatever else) offer invitations within corp channels for other corpies to join the fun.

    We do not endorse small groups and cliques being formed to pursue personal projects and we instead encourage Members to pursue the same goals as part of one of our "activity area teams" (i.e. Empire Troopers, Syndicate Crusaders, Wormhole Warriors, Engineers, Logistics, Ship Smart Shop).

    Examples & Cards On The Table

    ISF prefers that Members play in-corp rather than out-of-corp and therefore prefers that Members, for example:
    1. run L4 missions within ISF instead of in alt corps (esp considering that we set tax to a very low 2%, which is used to pay for corp expenses - it's only a measly 2%);
    2. not launch personal alt-corp POCOs and/or POSes and instead first attempt to engage with corp management to launch these as corp projects (it's more inclusive and easier to achieve and maintain as a group - which is ultimately why we group together in this game).

    These days we discourage (but not ban) personal alt corp POSes for several other reasons, including:
    1. refueling can be time and effort intensive, which can make it very hard for most folks to make ISF their "main game" in reality; and/or
    2. it can cause some few people to think of themselves as being "elite players" who don't need to muck in with their corp.

    While we're at it, we don't allow personal POSes to be launched under the ISF corp flag because:
    1. it creates added security issues for the main ISF corp-owned POSes; and
    2. it results in a number of ISF labelled POSes popping up randomly around New Eden that the majority of the corp feels no inclination to defend (and might even be contrary to agreed alliance NAP terms).

    Balancing Act

    Like anything that is truly worthwhile, our corp policies and values are a balancing act.  The balance we have struck within ISF suits the significant majority of our Members (and the goals of what the corp founders sought to create).  Hopefully it suits you too.

    ISF Admin.

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