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    ISF Joining Requirements

    ISF Admin
    ISF Admin
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center + Personnel Department
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center + Personnel Department

    ISF Joining Requirements Empty ISF Joining Requirements

    Post by ISF Admin Fri 19 Oct 2012, 9:31 am


    ISF is open for applications

    New Criteria 1 - Skill Point Minimum - 5M SP

    New applicants will need to have a minimum of 5 Million Skill Points (SP).

    Imposing such a minimum requirement to apply to join ISF:
    1. reduces the recruitment admin burden - we reduce the extent to which we process applications from folks who are not committed to the game and who play for only a short period to try Eve and see if they like it;
    2. reduces our teaching loads;
    3. reduces the extent to which we allot limited recruitment resources to processing applications from people who quickly leave ISF because they didn't have enough experience to really know what sort of corp they wanted or who become completely inactive because they entirely quit Eve because it wasn't their cup of tea.

    New Criteria 2 - Time Ingame Before Applying - 4 Weeks Activity

    We're mindful that people can buy characters these days, and so we're combining the 5M SP rule with an "active in Eve" time-requirement.

    In particular, we want to stop processing applications from people who play for just a short holiday period or to try the latest patch and then quickly quit the game (e.g. those who play for their Christmas holiday and are then not seen for another year).

    Therefore, the second new joining requirement is that new applicants must have been actively playing Eve (whether in an NPC corp or another player corp) for at least 1 month before applying to ISF.


    ISF's joining pre-requisites are:
    1. at least 5M skill points; and
    2. regularly played Eve (e.g. once a week) for 1 month before applying to ISF.

    (We just don't have the time to explain from first principles what Eve is about to then find that the person doesn't like Eve or wants to do something that ISF doesn't offer - e.g. Faction Warfare.)


    ISF reserves the right to relax these prerequisites on a case-by-case basis (especially if you have a RL friend already in ISF who will vouch for you and teach you the ropes).

    Not Quite There Yet?

    We encourage anyone who does not meet our joining prerequisites yet to:
    1. do your ingame tutorials (they are excellent at providing a understanding of basic Eve mechanics);
    2. consider joining Eve University (a dedicated teaching corp), where you will learn the basics of the game and prepare yourself to come back to ISF swinging above your weight (we like Eve Uni graduates); and/or
    3. remain registered as a Guest on these forums so you can access the many useful web-links in the left-hand column (these will give you some leg-up beyond going it alone).
    Pwyle Kenobi
    Pwyle Kenobi

    ISF Rank : Retired

    ISF Joining Requirements Empty Re: ISF Joining Requirements

    Post by Pwyle Kenobi Wed 31 Oct 2012, 12:55 am


    ISF's joining pre-requisites are:
    1. at least 5M skill points; and
    2. regularly played Eve for one (1) month (i.e. at least four (4) weeks) before applying to ISF.

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