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    ISF Admin
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center + Personnel Department
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center + Personnel Department

    ISF Corp Charter Empty ISF Corp Charter

    Post by ISF Admin Wed 10 Nov 2010, 11:15 am

    ★ I N T E R S U N ★ F R E E L A N C E ★
    1. ISF Core Values
    InterSun Freelance or "ISF" is a multinational player corp that has re-invented itself several times over the years subject to always retaining the same core values, namely:
    (These core values are known as ISF's "3 Fs")
    ISF encourages a supportive environment with friendly members who are willing to help each other and learn together. We're a laid-back corp that focuses on fun rather than chasing statistics (whether kills, ISK or other). Our members have busy real lives and some of us have young children who seem to need us most when we're having the most fun (its not fair, but that's life). We understand that real life must come first and that any member may need to step away from the keyboard with little or no notice. Our game-time is precious, so when we're online together we want it to be easy-going and, most of all, fun. ISF offers an alternative to the demanding alarm-clock style of play favoured by 24/7 power-gamers (we're jealous they have the time). In ISF we remember that EVE is a game and it should never be treated as a job.

    While ISF understands that RL must come first, we value group interaction.  ISF is not a place for people to park characters and then play solo.  ISF encourages group efforts and discourages solo play.

    2. ISF Activities
    ISF seeks to maximise the scope of activities that our members can engage in. We offer High Sec, Low Sec, Null Sec and Wormhole space as part of ISF life.  However, ISF does not (and will not) promote itself as a hard-core PvP corp, a hard-core PvE corp or a hard-core Industrial corp.  ISF instead endeavours to maximize ingame variety while catering mainly for so called "older" people with busy real lives.

    ISF offers members the ability to play in Empire, Low Sec, 0.0 and/or Wormholes according to their own personal interests and when they decide for themselves that they have time to play a game.

    ISF Member activities presently include (but are not limited to):
    1. Industry (e.g. mining, research, manufacturing, trade, planetary industry)
    2. PvE (e.g. agent missions (L1 to L5), cosmos missions, exploration complexes, ratting, WH sleepers, Sansha incursions)
    3. Wormholes (e.g. WH roams and WH POS stays)
    4. PvP (e.g. 0.0, low sec and WHs roams, mining gang and convoy guards, security camps)

    3. ISF Member Benefits
    As a corp that strives to cater for "older" people with busy real lives, it is unlikely that ISF (with low tax and no compulsory PvE/Indy ops) will ever be a rich or powerful corp. We recognize this and we don't make unrealistic and unattainable promises to members. ISF currently offers benefits including (but not limited to):
    1. a friendly and relaxed group that provides support to players and encourages fun
    2. understanding that real life comes first
    3. no compulsory PvE/Indy ops (although participation is encouraged)
    4. guidance and experience from veteran players
    5. a clear path of progression for Amarr and Caldari mission agents (Levels 1-5, plus Cosmos)
    6. a progression of corporate ranks as trust is earned and rewarded
    7. High Sec goals and gameplay
    8. Null Sec access and gameplay
    9. Low Sec Exploration
    10. corp settled WH space
    11. a place where each member's opinion is valued and heard
    12. access to corp forums and voice-comms
    13. tuition on how to generate income (both passive and active)
    14. no membership fees
    15. low tax on NPC bounties
    16. YOU decide when YOU have the time to play a game

    4. ISF Corp Rules
    ISF tries not to be too prescriptive and to keep rules to a minimum. Where we do have rules, they should exist for the greater good of the corp. If rules are not working, they should be quickly reviewed and amended with ISF Member input.

    Leaving aside corp and alliance security rules (which will not be discussed here), ISF's most significant rules are as follows:
    1. No SmackTalk, ePeen or Rage:- ISF does not allow tash-talk, smack-talk, epeen, rage or hounding of other players.  We welcome good-natured fun, but draw a line before taunting and intimidating other players (whether in local, in the corp or on game community forums). ISF values fun, easy going people who can chill and be good-natured without waving their epeen about.
    2. NBSI:- ISF operates under NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot It) when in Null Sec and Wormholes.
    3. NRDS:- ISF operates under NRDS (Not Red, Don't Shoot) when in High Sec and Low Sec. 
    4. No Scamming, Ore-Theft or Can-Flipping:- In EVE reputation is vital. The actions of all members defines our corporation's reputation. Tarnished members may be "retired" before ISF's reputation is allowed to suffer.
    5. No Empire Ganking:- ISF Members should not deliberately engage in any acts that attract a Concord response.

    ISF fosters good relations with pod pilots from all walks of life in EVE. The above rules exist to protect those good relations and to encourage a fun and easy going corp culture. Our "3Fs" corp culture is highly valued and is actively encouraged and protected.

    For security reasons and corp activity reasons, all ISF Member alt characters must be in NPC corps or ISF (exceptions sometimes made on a case-by-case basis).

    5. Corp Governance & Ranks
    ISF's membership ranks comprise:
    1. Pilot (all new members spend at least 4 weeks active in the corp on this rank);
    2. Officer (this rank needs a majority of the ISF Daily Operations Center (DOC) to agree that a Pilot has earned trust and contributes to the welfare of the corp);
    3. Senior Officer (this rank is for those who actively contribute time and effort to the daily running of the corp and they have a direct line of communication with one another and the corp Directors through participation in the DOC);
    4. Councillor (this rank is for members of the ISF Strategic & Governing Council (SGC), which is responsible for overseeing recruitment, determining matters of corp policy, resolving any disputes within the corp and attending to all other meta-game tasks);
    5. Senior Councillor (this rank is for longer-term SGC members who continue to consistently and actively participate in SGC business and tasks);
    6. Directors (the corp tries to kept the number of Directors to a minimum; the Directors will unilaterally decide matters only if an immediate decision is required and there is insufficient time for the entire SGC and/or DOC to act).

    In addition, some members may be designated with other special function titles (e.g. POS Fuel Tech, Engineer, SynEx Captain, etc). As trust is earned and effort is put into the development of the corp (especially our "3Fs" corp culture), promotion is provided and with this comes greater access to corp assets and facilities. Honours are to be awarded through public recognition using our corp forums and ingame mails, whereas ISF ranks are to be held for only so long as a person is actively contributing to the corp.

    For diplomatic/alliance matters, please contact:

    • Wystan (AU TZ)
    • William Triskelia (AU TZ)
    • Epsilon911 (EU TZ)
    • Toit (US TZ)

    6. 0.0 Rules
    ISF values its diplomatic relationships in 0.0 and strives to contribute to our 0.0 community and the development of our local 0.0 space to the maximum extent possible (subject to the constraints of being a corp of "older" people with busy real lives).  ISF Members are not made to fly in 0.0 and may live entirely in Empire Space, Low Sec or WH Space should they wish.  ISF Members are free to move between Empire Space, WH Space, Low Sec and 0.0 as and when they like.  ISF Members flying in PvP fleets must use voice-comms (for obvious reasons) - special arrangements can be put in place for deaf members.  ISF does have CTAs to defend our corp and alliance holdings.  We recognize that if we don't defend what we we like to use, then someone will take it away from us.  ISF will not make people log on.  If someone is not online, or has to log off due to real life, that person is not expected to participate in the CTA.

    7. Recruitment
    While ISF is an easy going corp with respect to our Members, we take the recruitment process seriously.  Becoming part of ISF is not easy.  We don't care about the number of skill points someone has (beyond the minimum prerequisite) but our recruiters will investigate the character of the person behind the account to ensure that ISF grows by including only those who are compatible with our corp culture.

    8. Information Up Front
    This document can at most only provide a snap-shot of what ISF strives for. We endeavour to provide accurate and full information (subject to security issues) to prospective members before they apply to join. Please visit the ISF Member Forums to find out more and discover another style of play!

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    Pwyle Kenobi
    Pwyle Kenobi

    ISF Rank : Retired

    ISF Corp Charter Empty Re: ISF Corp Charter

    Post by Pwyle Kenobi Tue 19 Nov 2013, 6:11 am

    Amended 19 November 2013 to make clear that:
    * ISF does have CTAs to defend our holdings (although there is no requirement to interrupt your real life and log on at particular times);
    * the corp leadership bodies are now called the Daily Operations Center (DOC) and the Strategic & Governing Council (SGC); and
    * we now operate under NRDS in Low Sec.

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