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    Fountain/Cloud ring moving

    HaZaRdOuS JuiCe

    ISF Rank : Guest

    Fountain/Cloud ring moving Empty Fountain/Cloud ring moving

    Post by HaZaRdOuS JuiCe Thu 14 Jun 2018, 8:14 am

    I have not yet been accepted into the corp yet (probably about a month or so) and I wasn't planning on starting the relocation yet until I had been accepted. But as one of the officers pointed out to me, it may be a better idea to get it done now while I have no war dec on me as of yet. While this seems like a good idea, im not sure really where I should head to.
     I like mining and have mining pretty well set up on this account and my alt has the hauling capabilities. Also ratting, exploring, mainly pve but also pvp when there is a war on. Im about 25-30 jumps to Fountain/Cloud Ring but not sure if I can set up in ISF/INIT space while I am pending recruitment. 
    Does anynone know a reasonably safe area within a couple of jumps of either of these 2 where I can mosey around until I get accepted?
    Or will I infact be able to setup in ISF/Init space as of now? Also I may need someones services in getting whatever gear I can there if there is dedicated haulers available. Does ISF still do this?
    Any thoughts will be appreciated.

    freshwater shihari
    freshwater shihari

    ISF Rank : Officer

    Fountain/Cloud ring moving Empty Re: Fountain/Cloud ring moving

    Post by freshwater shihari Fri 15 Jun 2018, 8:33 pm

    talk to me in the chat channel if you see me on ( or Posedamen as well), I may be able to help you get stuff to Q or maybe flog you some skiffs fitted at jita price.
    Not sure when ill be on (west coast us) this W/E weather looks good for drinking in the sun and the wife flys back expecting we do something lol.
     R just noticed Fountain...well if you want to move to Q let me know ok.

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