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    ISF Retirements (July 2013)

    Shen Rajinto
    Shen Rajinto
    Lifetime Member
    Lifetime Member

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    ISF Retirements (July 2013) Empty ISF Retirements (July 2013)

    Post by Shen Rajinto on Mon 15 Jul 2013, 5:15 pm

    Even ISF needs to retire inactive people who have stopped playing Eve.

    The below listed characters (plus their associated alts) are in the process of being retired from ISF (both ingame and on these forums) because they have not logged into these forums or ingame for either:
    1. 30+ days, with no notice given that they would be away and will come back; or
    2. 90+ days, irrespective of any notice given.

    There is nothing personal in this. All of these folks will be missed. However, we must assume that they have stopped playing Eve Online and they may not ever be back (although we do sincerely hope that they will be back one day).

    All of these people are invited to reapply to ISF (irrespective of any recruitment holds in the future) if they return to playing Eve Online.

    Abendigo Yassavi
    Calmarra Intarr
    Croiserie Bloodraven
    Derfir Root
    Drake Sarluthen
    flip flopz
    founding budz
    James ViAGO
    Jingo Valon
    Katie Nardieu
    Minis Way
    Pretzel Spark
    Priam Laethan
    Rhitca Drey
    Sam Vines
    Shizaku Azuma
    Ta Nix
    Terra Valentine
    The Bonegrinder
    Thea Orleans

    All of their associated alts have been retired as well.

    Salute 1

    Shen Rajinto
    Pwyle Kenobi
    Pwyle Kenobi

    ISF Rank : Retired

    ISF Retirements (July 2013) Empty Re: ISF Retirements (July 2013)

    Post by Pwyle Kenobi on Fri 19 Jul 2013, 1:07 am

    It's sad to see so many good and fun people retired at once.  This large list is due to ISF not having retired anyone for several months.  The names and numbers mounted up.

    These folks have not been ingame for either:
    30+ days (and were not able to give the corp any notice that they'd be away); or
    90+ days (irrespective of any notice given to the corp about an Eve break).

    All are welcome to come back to ISF if they return to playing Eve.

    Meanwhile, safe travels to all and thankyou for being a part of ISF! Salute 1

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