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    Your Customizable API Key (CAK)

    ISF Admin
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center + Personnel Department
    Strategic & Governing Council + Daily Operations Center + Personnel Department

    Your Customizable API Key (CAK)

    Post by ISF Admin on Sun 05 Dec 2010, 3:09 am

    ISF does NOT care whether:
    1. you are rich or poor; or
    2. what particular skills your character has.

    What we do care about is honesty and whether YOU (the RL person behind the account(s)) will fit with our 3F corp culture.

    1. What should I do with my Customised API ("CAK") once I have generated it?

    At the end of the Online Questionnaire there's a facility to paste your CAK ID and Verification Code directly into the supplied fields, so please have your codes on hand and ensure you add a CAK for each account you own.


    Before entering this information, please double check that the reported "Access Mask" you generated is 4294967295. If you have a different number, something went wrong. Please try again (instructions below).

    Also, please do NOT send us your account user name or password (never share your account user name or password with anyone - no one from ISF will *ever* ask for this).

    2. Alright, so how do I generate this CAK thing you need?

    Please click the below link and log in using your Eve account details.
    (Yes, enter your user name and account password. This link is to an official CCP Eve Online website. It's the same website you use for out-of-game petitions to CCP.)

    After you log in, the first thing you do is click this button:

    You'll need to type in a name for your CAK. We suggest "ISF CAK".

    Everything is almost set for you to click the "Submit" button.

    However, before you click the "Submit" button, please ensure that:
    1. the Character Box = "All"
    2. the Type Box = "Character"
    3. the Access Mask Box = "4294967295"
    4. the Expires Box = click "No Expiry"

    The image at the bottom of this post (which can also be downloaded for your later reference and/or printing) shows what you should be seeing.

    3. This is what you should be seeing.

    4. Can I provide temporary access to my CAK?

    No. By default the above link creates an API key that expires in 1 year, however ISF requires that you click the No Expiry checkbox below the date.  We now require a non-expiring CAK as part of our continuing measures for dealing with corp thieves.

    5. What if I get it wrong?

    We will contact you and give you a chance to resupply a corrected CAK. We do not reject people for getting this wrong (yes, we know that some corps impose reading and comprehension tests but we're a bit more relaxed than that). However, if you get it wrong twice in a row, we will need to bump your application down the list and run checks for other people ahead of you so we don't delay the entire queue of applications. Wink

    Thanks for your time and best wishes for your ISF application. Smile

    ISF Admin (Representing Corp Management)

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