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    Why we ask for your RL location.

    Pwyle Kenobi

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    Why we ask for your RL location.

    Post by Pwyle Kenobi on Wed 11 Apr 2012, 11:53 am

    We ask people for their RL location (City and Country at the most - please do not provide anything more specific) because it allows us to:
    1. understand corp demographics, which in turn allows us to better tailor and organise ingame corp group ops;
    2. better see if ISF is lacking active Members in a particular timezone, which in turn allows us to target that timezone during future recruitment periods; and
    3. ensure that when we promote ISF Members to the Admin Council, we have all 3 major timezones represented (EU/UK, Americas, AUS/NZ/Asia).

    We recommend that all ISF Forum users record their own Timezone as (UTC +00:00) Reykjavik (screen shots below) so these forums display Eve Online ingame time to you. This makes it easier for most people to understand on-forum organisation of ingame events (we all come from different timezones but we all talk in Eve Time). However, due to this, the only way we will know where Members are from is if they record their RL location in their forum profile.

    If people do not record, or if they falsify, their RL location then that reduces our ability to do those things listed above.

    If recording a city name freaks you out, please record the name of the State and Country in which you live. If fact, if you come from a very small town, it is better if you record a State name or the name of a nearby large city in the same timezone. ISF is a global corp and most people know the locations of only major cities and States (so listing a very small town will probably not help us with our corp goals).

    No one from ISF leadership will ever attempt to contact you or send you anything in RL using a street address. We discourage ISF Members from sharing RL names and/or street addresses. When ISF Members do sometimes decide to meet we encourage them to meet at a public pub/bar and not at anyone's house.

    Cheers, PK.

    How to set your Timezone on these forums (and while you're at it, make sure you set your "Date format" to show the year - which helps to reduce thread necromancy).


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