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    Set your Evemail CSPA charge to zero!

    Trance Omega
    Trance Omega
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    ISF Alumni

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    Set your Evemail CSPA charge to zero! Empty Set your Evemail CSPA charge to zero!

    Post by Trance Omega on Sun 19 Jun 2011, 11:46 am

    Hi folks, this is just a little plea and possibly a hint to newer players. I have recently noticed that some corp members were not aware of what the CSPA charge is or how to set it to 0.

    What is the CSPA charge and what does it do?

    The CSPA charge is an amount of ISK that every player has to pay each time they invite you to a private conversation, send you an evemail or manually invite to join their fleet.

    By default this is set to 2950 ISK which is very little but would you charge a RL friend 5 cent when he/she wants to speak to you? Razz / tease

    Another reason to remove it is that it takes a moment to accept paying that charge and therefore delays a fleet invite, for example. A moment in which you cannot do anything else and we all know that sometimes a moment of delay can cause undesired explosions in EVE.

    How do you get rid of the CSPA charge?

    Quite easily:
    1. open your EVE mail
    2. click on the settings icon which is in the top left corner of the mail window
    3. click settings and a little window will pop up
    4. at the top of that window you can set your CSPA charge to whichever amount you desire
    5. because you are a polite person who likes their friends you set it to 0 Very happy

    Thanks for reading.

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